Drawing a differential for 3D printing with Fusion 360

Hi, today I’ll share the differential I build using Fusion 360. This is an important piece for my retro excavator since it should be the hardest one to draw.

Here’s a general overview of the differential working:

Below you can see the video where I show the pieces and how I did them:

And Here are some photos:

Some stress testing

I did a couple of stress testing to ensure my design was good enough for my backhoe project and learn a lot from those tests, for instance, I quickly realized the wall of the inner differential was very thin so I ended up reinforcing it:

How I did do my stress tests?

Let’s say they are simple:

There’s a limit for PETG strength of course, and I also wanted to learn where the limit was, and this is the result :)

Testing the limits of PETG in the differential


This was by far my most complex drawing so far, a lot of learning and excitement. I’m super proud of the result and how much Fusion 360 helped me to achieve it. Now let’s move to the next phase: the front direction system of the retro excavator!

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