Drawing Bevel Gears for 3D printing on Fusion 360

I always thought it would be really hard for me to learn how to model 3D objects. Even after I did some basic objects for my 3D printer in Fusion 360, it seemed to be impossible to make complex objects like a differential!

But Fusion 360 opened my mind, it’s like Arduino for hobbyists. I love it! The end result of this tutorial should be something like this:

Bevel gear for 3D printing inside fusion 360

The video tutorial

I made two versions, and the second and shortest one is focused on making it, while the first version is focused sed explaining the whys behind each action. I recommend you to follow the first one, and if you have questions about the whys

This tutorial is part of a series on how to make a differential with fusion 360 and a 3D printer. Its focus is on making the internal bevel gears for the differential chamber:

The quick version of the tutorial
The complete version of the tutorial shows the whys behind each action

The printed result

Here is the result of the gear printed and some tests.

The bevel gear drawn in the complete video tutorial

Fusion 360 files

You can download the F3D Fusion files to edit the first video model as you need by clicking here

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Each time I draw something in Fusion 360, I remember why I love this software, it’s incredibly simple for someone with no experience in the 3D drawing world like me to do magic, as you just saw!

This tutorial is the first one of a series showing how to make a differential. The other ones probably will focus on how it was made instead of showing step by step, but in the end, you’ll see how easy it could become thanks to Fusion 360.


I used these tutorials as references to be able to do my own gear:


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